One of the biggest draws of synthetic turf is how low maintenance it is compared to natural grass. However, low maintenance is not NO maintenance. Your synthetic grass still needs a little love to keep it looking it’s best and preserve the longevity of your artificial lawn. Based in Calgary, Synthetic Grass Maintenance Equipment Ltd (SGME) supplies specialized synthetic turf care tools to keep your lawn looking new and extend its lifespan. SGME is Canada’s authorized dealer for Garlands Roll & Comb synthetic turf maintenance brushes. Roll & Comb power brooms are lightweight and easy to use, removing leaves, pet hair, pine needles and other debris from your artificial grass while raising flattened blades, making your turf look freshly installed!

Why Choose SGME Synthetic Turf Maintenance Tools?

Precision Engineering: At SGME, precision is our cornerstone. Our maintenance tools are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each tool is optimized for the unique demands of synthetic turf care.

Longevity Enhancement: Synthetic turf is a significant investment, and our tools are engineered to protect and extend its lifespan. From efficient grooming to proper infill distribution, SGME tools promote uniformity and prevent premature wear.

Playability Perfection: Our tools contribute to optimal playability. Proper grooming and infill maintenance ensure a consistent playing surface, reducing tripping hazards and enhancing the overall experience for athletes and enthusiasts.

Versatility: Whether it's a sports field, your backyard, or a commercial space, SGME tools cater to a wide range of synthetic turf applications. Our versatile solutions ensure that every turf type benefits from our advanced maintenance tools.

Efficiency and Ease: SGME tools are designed to make maintenance tasks more efficient and user-friendly. With our tools, turf managers and maintenance personnel can accomplish their tasks with ease and precision.

Experience the SGME Advantage

Discover how SGME is transforming the synthetic turf maintenance landscape. With a strong focus on innovation, quality, and performance, our maintenance tools set new industry standards. Explore our range of tools, gain insights into their proper usage, and witness firsthand how SGME elevates the aesthetics, durability, and playability of synthetic turf surfaces. SGME prides themselves on their friendly, hands-on customer service. They’ll recommend the best product for your lawn and provide you with support both before and after you make your purchase. Elevate your turf care with the pinnacle of maintenance excellence! Experience the difference that SGME synthetic turf maintenance tools bring to your maintenance routine and discover a world where maintaining synthetic turf is efficient, effective, and rewarding.

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