commercial turf installation

Commercial Turf Installations

Specializing in Commercial Spaces, we provide comprehensive artificial turf installation services tailored to meet the unique demands of businesses and public venues. Our dedicated team is equipped to handle large-scale projects, ensuring meticulous execution and durable, aesthetically pleasing outcomes for various commercial applications


Assessing Commercial Viability

We initiate by understanding the unique commercial application of your project, focusing on the aesthetic appeal, functionality, and long-term durability your space requires. Our assessment will include the intended use, traffic levels, and overall design vision.


Tailored Design & Product Selection

Our approach involves selecting the ideal synthetic turf products for your commercial setting, whether for a boutique hotel landscape, a corporate facility, or a daycare play area. We consider aesthetics, wear resistance, and safety to craft an environment tailored to your business needs.


Coordinated Installation Process

Precision installation scheduled to suit your business operations ensures minimal downtime. We collaborate with you to arrange the best time for delivery and installation, aiming for a swift, clean, and efficient process that mirrors your business's professionalism.


Post-Installation Support & Maintenance

We understand that a commercial space demands continual upkeep. Hence, we stand by to offer maintenance advice, product support, and any additional services to keep your turf in top condition, ensuring it reflects the quality of your business over time.

At The Synthetic Turf Co., we're more than just your installation team; we're your lifelong turf partners, here to ensure every blade of grass stays as lush as the day it was laid.

Your Projects Vision, Realized

Exploring synthetic turf solutions for your commercial space? Connect with us for a tailored consultation. Our experts are ready to discuss your project's specifics, guiding you through our commercial turf installation services known for precision and excellence. Trust in The Synthetic Turf Co. Calgary for a transformation that blends aesthetic, functionality, and unmatched quality.

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