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Upgrade your pet's playground, designed for durability and comfort. It's the lawn your four-legged friends dream of!

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Embrace the joy of a pet-friendly outdoor space with our specialized artificial turf. Tailored for the ultimate pet haven, it's a clean, safe, and no-mess solution for your furry friends. Say goodbye to muddy paws and hello to easy cleanup, while ensuring a durable, dig-proof lawn that stays pristine all year round. Enjoy the beauty of green without the brown spots, giving you more time to play, not clean. Let's create the perfect, worry-free playground for your pets together!

Pet Friendly Synthetic Turf

The Right Turf for the Job.

At The Synthetic Turf Co., we understand that pets are part of the family, and they deserve a play space that’s as safe and enjoyable as it is for the rest of the family members. That's why we offer Smart Turf’s Ultimate Pet Turf Systems, the best choice for pet owners seeking peace of mind and the highest standards in artificial grass technology.

What sets Smart Turf apart is the exclusive Microban® antimicrobial technology embedded into every blade. This revolutionary feature actively inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, significantly reducing pet odors and ensuring a 99% cleaner surface. It’s not just a promise; it’s a proven fact that Smart Turf with Microban® offers a 99% odor reduction compared to unprotected surfaces, providing a fresh, hygienic space for your pets to play on all day.

Moreover, Smart Turf is a toxin-free solution. There's no need for chemicals or pesticides, which keeps harmful substances away from all family members. It's a commitment to environmental stewardship and the well-being of your loved ones.

The benefits extend beyond cleanliness. Smart Turf eliminates the mess of mud and grass clippings, which means a cleaner home and less time spent on yard maintenance. This durable, long-lasting turf stands up to all the frolicking and fun that your pets can dish out, without the unsightly wear and tear.

Investing in Smart Turf is an investment in your property and family. Not only does it add aesthetic value to your home, but it also creates a lasting, safe, and clean environment for all your family members, both two-legged and four-legged. Experience the difference with The Synthetic Turf Co.'s premium pet synthetic turf options — because your pets deserve the best.

Welcome to the ultimate pet-friendly turf solution. We know your furry friends deserve a space that's not just durable but also hygienic and comfortable. That's why at The Synthetic Turf Co., we don't just offer "pet turf" – we provide comprehensive turf systems, tailor-made for pets. From thoughtful base preparation to the final touches of maintenance, each element is designed to meet the unique needs of canine companions.

The 4-Part Turf System:

1. Base Prep:

The foundation of a great pet turf system begins beneath the surface. We utilize specialized base materials suited to pet activity, ensuring optimal drainage and stability. For dog runs or high-traffic pet areas, we incorporate drainage tiles to swiftly channel away liquids, preventing odors and maintaining a dry surface.

2. The Turf:

Selecting the right turf for your pets is crucial. We guide you through choosing a product that balances aesthetics with functionality, ensuring it stands up to the exuberant play of your pets while maintaining a natural look and feel. Each turf product is meticulously installed with precision, ensuring a secure and inviting environment.

3. The Infill:

Standard silica sand just won't do for pet areas. Our chosen infills are top-tier, pet-friendly, and designed to perform. They enhance drainage, reduce odors, and keep the turf blades erect for a natural appearance. Plus, the right infill adds an extra layer of comfort for delicate paws.

4. Maintenance:

Maintenance for pet turf systems is about more than just upkeep – it's about health and hygiene. Our care plans are easy to follow and ensure that your turf remains a clean, welcoming space for your pets. For those who prefer, our sister company, Fresh Turf, offers professional maintenance services.

Implementing the right system is everything. "Pet turf" labels can be deceptive – it's not about what's on the surface; it's about the system as a whole. Trust The Synthetic Turf Co. to deliver a pet turf system that exceeds industry standards, so you and your pets can enjoy the outdoors without worry. Our experts are here to ensure that your investment is not just a purchase but a pathway to lasting joy and convenience for you and your pets.

Tailored Turf Solutions for Pets in Alberta Homes

Elevate your outdoor area into a delight for your pets with our specialized artificial turf installations. At The Synthetic Turf Co., we carefully tailor each project to complement your lifestyle, align with your pets' habits, and stand up to Alberta's diverse weather conditions. Our commitment is to deliver a pet-friendly haven that balances beauty with functionality. We offer a selection of top-grade, North American-made synthetic grasses that are safe for pets and built to last. With us, you’ll have a lush, green lawn that’s easy to maintain and perfect for play. Dive into designing your custom pet run with our team's guidance today.

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