Synthetic Turf Maintenance Services

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Though there is no such thing as maintenance-free landscaping, synthetic turf is a low-maintenance alternative to real grass. We also offer maintenance services so we can do the work for you!

Expert Turf Maintenance Solutions

Entrust your turf's care to the hands of seasoned professionals. With 20 years of specialized experience, we deliver unmatched maintenance services and support for artificial turf, ensuring its longevity and beauty. From routine cleanings to comprehensive care packages, our tailored maintenance plans by Fresh Turf keep your synthetic grass pristine year-round.


Although a completely maintenance-free yard doesn't exist, maintaining turf becomes effortlessly simple with the right products.

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Welcome to our comprehensive synthetic turf maintenance solutions, where beauty meets convenience. Synthetic turf is indeed a low-maintenance option, but like any landscaping investment, it benefits from expert care. Now, with our sister company, Fresh Turf, maintaining the lush appearance of your synthetic lawn has never been easier.

Whether you're a hands-on DIY enthusiast equipped with our top-grade maintenance products and equipment or you prefer the full-service approach, we've got you covered. Fresh Turf offers customized maintenance plans to suit every type of synthetic turf application, ensuring your space remains flawless.

From a homeowner's cherished backyard to a sprawling commercial green space, our team provides personalized care routines that keep your turf in peak condition, extending its longevity and vibrancy. Trust in our experience and dedication to deliver maintenance excellence, so you can enjoy a pristine lawn without lifting a finger.

Canine-Friendly Turf Care

Even the best turf needs a paw's up in maintenance. Our top-tier Microban™ infused Smart Turf and antimicrobial Camofill set the stage for a pet-friendly lawn. But, natural factors such as the number of dogs, their size, and the yard's dimensions can introduce bacteria and odors. With our straightforward maintenance guidance and Fresh Turf's expert services, we keep these concerns in check, ensuring your turf stays clean and odor-free for your pets to enjoy.

Kid-Proof Turf Maintenance

Children are experts at making messes, but we're experts at cleaning them up. Our maintenance services are perfect for ensuring play areas remain hygienic and safe, so kids can enjoy their fun without worries. Whether for a family backyard or a public daycare playground, our tailored maintenance plans by Fresh Turf ensure a clean, secure environment for kids to play.

Managing Nature's Debris

Leaves, pine needles, and natural debris are no match for our turf solutions. Even with trees overhead, we help you select the ideal turf and customize a maintenance plan that simplifies cleanup. Trust us to keep your artificial lawn clear of organics, ensuring a pristine look through every season.

Comprehensive Commercial Maintenance

Commercial spaces deserve commercial-grade care. Whether it’s a rooftop dog park or a busy common area, we offer flexible maintenance options. Our team at Fresh Turf can provide regular, expert care, or we can train your staff to handle it all, keeping your space impeccable and performance-ready year-round.

Your Turf, Your Way: Maintenance & Care Solutions

Ready for a hands-on approach or prefer the full-service treatment? We cater to both. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast in need of the right maintenance products or you seek professional upkeep from Fresh Turf, we’ve got the resources you need. Let's ensure your synthetic turf stays in prime condition—reach out to us for expert advice, top-quality care products, or to schedule a maintenance service.


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