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Does The Synthetic Turf Co. offer artificial grass installation services?

Yes, indeed! We are a full-service artificial grass company, consistently providing top-notch turf installations for several hundred residential and commercial clients every year. Whether it's for your home or business, count on The Synthetic Turf Co. to deliver professional and reliable artificial grass installation services.

Does artificial turf get hot?

Artificial turf temperature can vary due to factors like turf quality, maintenance, and sunlight exposure. High-quality turf, such as Smart Turf, installed and maintained by professionals, minimizes heat concerns. At The Synthetic Turf Co., we prioritize quality for our family and pets during hot months. If your turf feels warm, a garden hose spray can quickly cool it. Ensure top-notch turf quality and proper care. Choose The Synthetic Turf Co. for a family-friendly, heat-resistant artificial grass solution, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for your loved ones. For more information regarding this topic, please click here to learn more!

Is artificial turf suitable for pets?

Absolutely! Introducing Smart Turf by The Synthetic Turf Co. – the ultimate pet-friendly artificial grass solution. Perfect for dog runs or your entire yard, our systematic approach covers base preparation, turf quality, infill selection, and tailored maintenance.

What sets Smart Turf apart is its unique antimicrobial feature. Infused with Microban™ technology, it actively combats bacteria and odors, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for your pets. We also use specialized antimicrobial pet infill for added protection.

Choose Smart Turf for a worry-free, high-quality artificial grass solution that prioritizes your home and your furry friends' well-being. With our system, you're making a smart investment for a safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable outdoor space.

Is turf safe for my family, especially for kids?

Absolutely, and we understand your concerns as parents. Smart Turf not only enhances your outdoor space but also prioritizes the well-being of your loved ones.

Our Smart Turf is equipped with Microban™ antimicrobial technology, ensuring an additional layer of defense against microbes, bacteria, and odors. This feature is designed to create a cleaner and safer environment, providing peace of mind for parents who want the best for their children.

Furthermore, our commitment to safety is reflected in Smart Turf being lead-free. We understand the importance of eliminating potential hazards, and Smart Turf meets the highest standards to ensure your family's health is never compromised.

In addition to being lead-free, Smart Turf is also PFAS-free. This means you can enjoy the lush, green landscape without worrying about harmful chemicals. For the conscientious mom or dad concerned about toxins, Smart Turf is the ideal choice, offering a worry-free and environmentally responsible artificial grass solution.

Choose Smart Turf not just for its aesthetic appeal but for the assurance that your family can play, relax, and make lasting memories on a surface that is not only beautiful but also completely safe.

How much does it cost to have turf installed in my yard?

Determining the cost of artificial turf installation involves various factors unique to each yard. With different turf options, infill materials, and considerations like border/edging, the cost can vary significantly.

During our visit to your home or business, we'll measure the area, accounting for the total square footage. We'll also assess factors such as yard access, existing surfaces, and any obstacles like trees or stairs.

For a general idea, the average cost of residential backyard turf installation in Calgary typically ranges from $12 to $20 per square foot. A $12/sqft installation might be for larger yards (1500 sqft+) with budget-friendly options and ample equipment access. On the other hand, a $20+/sqft installation could be for smaller yards (around 150-300 sqft) with premium turf choices and less favorable installation conditions.

In summary, larger installations often result in a lower overall cost, while smaller installations tend to have a higher cost per square foot.

For a more detailed estimate tailored to your yard, feel free to contact us anytime. You can either call us directly or fill out the form on our contact page, and we'll promptly schedule an onsite estimate to address your specific needs.

Where is your artificial grass made?

At The Synthetic Turf Co., we are thrilled to offer you artificial grass of the highest quality, and our Smart Turf is proudly crafted entirely in the USA! As an independent company with over 12 years of industry expertise, we've extensively researched and tested various turf options available.

Smart Turf, our preferred supplier, is a vertically integrated manufacturer with an impressive 50-year legacy in the industry. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the production of every aspect of their turf at their cutting-edge facility in Georgia, USA. This means that from inception to assembly, Smart Turf maintains the highest standards, utilizing industry-leading components and materials.

Beyond its remarkable durability, Smart Turf stands out for its captivating aesthetics and luxurious feel. We've chosen Smart Turf as our primary supplier because, quite simply, it's the best choice available.

When you choose The Synthetic Turf Co., you're not just opting for American-made turf; you're investing in decades of manufacturing expertise and a dedication to delivering excellence. Smart Turf isn't just a product – it's a testament to our commitment to providing you with the finest artificial grass on the market. Transform your outdoor space with Smart Turf, where quality meets innovation.

Do you need a permit to install turf?

You usually won't require a permit for turf installation on private property in Canada. However, it's crucial to double-check, as there might be exceptions. If you reside in an area with architectural controls or landscaping restrictions, it's essential to review your neighborhood's bylaws for specific rules. At The Synthetic Turf Co., we're here to assist you in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation process!

Do you offer financing options?

Absolutely! We provide financing options through Financeit, a Canadian-based lender with expertise in financing home improvements. To learn more about our financing options, click the link below for additional information. We're here to make your project more accessible and convenient. https://www.financeit.ca/s/N_23sQ

Do you provide free estimates?

Absolutely! Our estimates are not only free but also convenient. A typical estimate appointment usually lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. We'll meet you at the job site to discuss your turf project and help you make informed selections.

If you prefer a more comprehensive discussion or want to see our turf options in person, you're welcome to visit our showroom anytime. It's a great opportunity to explore our turf varieties and meet our dedicated team. And if you're looking for a landscape design, we can connect you with one of our preferred landscape designers.

We want to make sure you get exactly what you need, and we're happy to help you every step of the way.

Do you offer contractor pricing?

Absolutely, we do! At The Synthetic Turf Co., we take pride in serving Canada's finest landscapers and contractors from coast to coast to coast. We provide premium-quality turf at unbeatable prices.

When you choose us, you're not only getting the best deals, but you're also investing in top-notch USA-made Smart Turf. Unlike the cheap imported turf commonly found at big box stores and landscape depots, our turf is of the highest quality.

But that's not all! We offer free turf samples so you can experience the quality firsthand. In addition, we provide free delivery for Calgary contractors and ship our products across Canada. Our commitment to supporting contractors extends beyond just providing turf. We also offer installation services, free take-offs, installation training, and a wide range of turf accessories. Trust us to be your go-to partner for all your turf needs, no matter where you are in Canada!"

Where can artificial turf be installed?

Artificial turf offers remarkable versatility across various settings, including residential landscaping, commercial properties, golf facilities, and playgrounds. It enhances home aesthetics, provides low-maintenance solutions for businesses, creates golf practice areas, and ensures safety in playgrounds. Its durability and aesthetic appeal make it a popular choice for enhancing landscapes and recreational spaces. Discover more about these applications in our comprehensive blog post below.

Is DIY artificial turf installation feasible?

Certainly, DIY artificial turf installation is a viable option, but it's important to be aware that it can be labor-intensive, especially during base preparation. While we wholeheartedly support our customers in taking on these projects themselves, it's worth noting that larger projects can be more challenging for the typical "DIY weekend warrior."

Larger projects often require more significant equipment, demand more time, and magnify details like seam quality. Smaller projects, especially those without seams and with good access to the yard for base preparation, can be more manageable for DIY enthusiasts.

For a detailed breakdown of the steps involved in a residential turf installation, please refer to the link below. We provide guidance every step of the way, making your DIY journey as smooth as possible.

[Residential Turf Installation Guide]

At The Synthetic Turf Co., we're here to empower you with the knowledge and materials you need for a successful DIY artificial turf installation, regardless of the project's size.

What tools and equipment do I need for a successful DIY turf installation?

DIY Turf Installation Tools

Basic Tools (Likely in Your Toolbox):

  • Olfa knife
  • Hammer
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Shovel
  • Rake
  • Tape measure

Specialty Tools (For Specific Tasks):

  • Vibrating plate tamper (150lb+)
  • Wide landscape rakes
  • Hand tamper
  • Skid steer (preferably Bobcat MT100)
  • Dump trailer or 310-Dump Bin rental
  • Carpet kicker
  • Power broom
  • Drop spreader

While you may have basic tools, some specialty equipment like vibrating plate compactors and skid steers may not be readily available. Tool rental shops often provide these. Tools needed can vary based on your project, so contact us for guidance on your DIY turf installation. We're here to help ensure your project's success tailored to your needs. For more in-depth information on DIY turf installation, check out our comprehensive blog post on the topic.

How long have you been selling/installing artificial turf?

Our History in the Artificial Turf Industry

Our journey in the artificial turf industry started over 20 years ago!

- Established in 2004, we entered the Canadian artificial turf scene during its early days.

- In 2014, new ownership took charge, reaffirming our commitment to excellence.

- With a dedicated team, including many who have been with us since inception, we've accomplished thousands of successful turf installations in and around Alberta.

- Today, we proudly stand as one of Canada's premier artificial turf installation and distribution companies.

How long does artificial turf last for?

Lifespan of Smart Turf Artificial Grass in Canada

Smart Turf artificial grass is renowned for its durability in the Canadian climate. With proper installation and maintenance, it can last an impressive 20-25 years and beyond. Plus, you can have peace of mind knowing that Smart Turf comes with a manufacturer-backed 15-year warranty, providing additional assurance of its quality and longevity in your outdoor spaces, even in the challenging Canadian weather conditions.

Is artificial grass for houses the same as on sports fields?

Is Artificial Grass for Homes Different from That Used on Sports Fields?

Absolutely! Artificial grass serves various purposes, and it's crucial to know that sports field turf differs from residential landscape turf in two key ways:

- **Infill Material:** Sports fields use rubber crumb infill for athlete-specific needs, while residential landscapes typically use sand infill for stability and a natural appearance.

- **Manufacturing:** Sports field turf prioritizes durability and performance for heavy use, while residential landscape turf focuses on aesthetics and comfort.

Both types are durable and excel in their respective applications, so your choice should align with your specific needs, whether it's for a sports field or enhancing your residential landscape.

Does artificial grass colour fade due to sunlight?

Does Artificial Turf Fade Over Time?

The answer to this question varies depending on the quality of the artificial turf. Here's the breakdown:

- **Low-Quality Turf:** Unfortunately, low-quality turf, often sourced from overseas or found at big box stores and many landscape centers, can indeed fade quickly. These turfs often use subpar plastics that are prone to fading, and you may notice signs of fading within the first year or two.

- **Smart Turf:** In contrast, our Smart Turf is engineered to maintain its vibrant appearance over time. Thanks to its high-quality materials and construction, you won't notice any visible fading with the naked eye. We're so confident in the durability of Smart Turf that we back it with a 15-year manufacture-backed warranty.

When it comes to artificial turf, the key factor in preventing fading is the quality of the materials used. While lower-quality options may disappoint, Smart Turf ensures a long-lasting, fade-resistant, and visually appealing outdoor space for years to come.

Are there special artificial grass options for dogs?

Absolutely! At The Synthetic Turf Co., we offer a range of dog-friendly artificial grass solutions, including our advanced Smart Turf. Our pet-friendly systems prioritize key factors:

Proper Base and Drainage: We ensure a well-prepared base with superior drainage for a clean, dry pet environment.

Smart Turf with Microban: Our Smart Turf is equipped with Microban technology, combatting odors and bacteria, maintaining freshness.

Tailored Grass: We consider your needs, recommending shorter pile grass for dog runs and versatile options for multi-use yards.

Antimicrobial Infill: Choose from antimicrobial infill like Camofill for added hygiene.

Proactive Maintenance: Regular cleaning and upkeep keep your turf pristine.

While there isn't one-size-fits-all turf for dogs, our Smart Turf with Microban demonstrates our commitment to innovative, pet-friendly artificial grass solutions, ensuring a comfortable space for your pets and family. Read more

Can you put artificial grass over concrete?

Can The Synthetic Turf Co. Install Artificial Turf Over Concrete?

Absolutely! At The Synthetic Turf Co., we can expertly install artificial turf over concrete surfaces, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing result. Here are some essential considerations:

Surface Quality: A smooth concrete surface is crucial for the overall look and performance of your artificial turf. We pay close attention to surface preparation to ensure the best possible outcome.

Drainage and Permeability: Our installations incorporate specialized drainage systems, elevating the turf off the concrete. This design allows for proper drainage, preventing water pooling and ensuring the longevity of your artificial grass.

Pet-Friendly Solutions: If your project involves areas frequented by pets, we provide solutions to address potential odor and hygiene concerns. Our expertise ensures that you can enjoy a beautiful and functional synthetic grass surface.

Installing artificial turf over concrete is a fantastic way to transform your space. With The Synthetic Turf Co.'s professional guidance and installation expertise, you'll achieve a stunning and durable result that meets your specific needs and preferences.

What size should my putting green be? - choosing the right size

Designing the perfect putting green with The Synthetic Turf Co. offers endless customization possibilities. Consider factors like skill level, usage frequency, user demographics, budget, and yard size to determine the ideal size. A larger green challenges experienced golfers with diverse practice opportunities, while smaller ones suit beginners. Multiple fringe options, fairways, chipping areas, customizable cup locations, and even sand traps can be incorporated to enhance your practice. Our typical residential putting green ranges from 300-600 sq. ft., but we can customize from 150 sq. ft. to 5000 sq. ft. Let us create your personalized artificial turf putting green for golf improvement and leisure. Click this link for a more in depth explanation of the above question.

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