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At Synthetic Turf Co. Calgary, we’re dedicated to providing a seamless experience for both homeowners and professional landscapers alike. Whether it’s transforming a residential space or enhancing a commercial property, we offer comprehensive support from product selection to installation and beyond. Let us guide you through the journey of upgrading to the highest standard of synthetic turf.

Questions or specific needs? Reach out, and our responsive team will assist you promptly with personalized solutions.

The Synthetic Turf Co.

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Address: 7060 Farrell Rd SE, Unit A Calgary, AB, T2H 0T2

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Your Path to a Pristine Lawn: Residential Inquiry Guide

Initiating your journey with The Synthetic Turf Co. is as simple as providing us with a snapshot of your landscaping vision. To tailor our services to your needs, we kindly request detailed information from the get-go. For homeowners:

1. Estimate the area for turf installation and tell us about the daily activities it will host – is it for playful kids, energetic dogs, or serene relaxation?

2. Share with us if this turf will grace a new property and if you're coordinating with landscapers for a comprehensive outdoor overhaul. Our network of professional landscape partners ensures seamless integration of our turf with your dream landscape.

3. For yard renovations, give us the nitty-gritty – dimensions, current state, and any additional landscaping elements you desire.

Attaching photos or sketches speeds up the process, providing us with the clarity needed to give you an informed rough estimate.

4. We'll discuss rough pricing before scheduling a visit. Rest assured, this step ensures we are both on the same page with expectations and budget before we take the next step of an on-site estimate.

Commercial Partnerships: Project Engagement Essentials

1. Specify the project details, such as area measurements and site location – even a street name starts us on the right path.

2. Attach any pertinent documents like professional plans or hand-drawn sketches to illustrate your project's scope.

3. Let us know if you're seeking just supply or if you require our expert installation services. Our team is equipped to handle both.

4. Indicate if sample materials or specific pricing details are needed. We aim to provide precise information to facilitate your planning and quoting processes.

5. Detail any training or consultancy needs for your staff regarding maintenance or installation. We're here to extend our expertise beyond just supply.

Upon receiving your comprehensive information, our dedicated commercial team will analyze your requirements and initiate contact promptly to discuss the next steps.

Why The Synthetic Turf Co.?

  • Canada's Premier Turf Provider: Featuring Smart Turf with Microban® antimicrobial technology.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: From premium turf sales to complete installation services.
  • Industry Leader: Decades of expertise in both residential and commercial turf applications.
  • Quality Surfaces: Offering the finest sports courts and durable rubber surfacing.
  • Unmatched Support: On-call assistance for installation, maintenance, and more.
  • All-Canadian Excellence: Homegrown pride in being Canada's top turf company.
  • Bonded
  • Custom Maintenance: Tailored care programs from our sister company Fresh Turf.
  • Extensive Range: A diverse selection of the highest quality turf, for every need.
  • Full-Service Experience: From design to post-installation, we've got you covered
  • Warranty Assurance: Peace of mind with industry-leading product warranties.
  • Dedicated to Innovation: Continually evolving to offer cutting-edge turf technology.
  • Eco-Conscious Options: Environmentally friendly products for a greener future.

15-Year Warranty from 50 Years of Excellence in Turf Innovation
Proudly Sourcing Quality Materials from Canada & USA
Superior Workmanship: 15-Year Warranty on Our Installation Services