Architectural Collaboration

In the evolving world of landscaping and architectural design, synthetic turf stands out for its versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal. At The Synthetic Turf Co., we are at the forefront of this transformation, offering architects a partnership that brings projects from concept to completion with unmatched elegance and efficiency. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our selection of top-tier synthetic turf products, renowned for their realistic appearance, and enduring quality, and minimal maintenance needs.

We specialize in equipping architects with the tools and resources needed to incorporate our state-of-the-art turf into various projects, including dog parks, rooftop patios, communal spaces, boulevards, and more. Our products, featuring advancements like Microban technology and Smart Turf, set the standard for innovation in the industry.

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Our promise to you includes:

  • Access to Exclusive Products and Competitive Pricing
  • Rapid Delivery Times to Meet Project Deadlines
  • Comprehensive Installation Support
  • A Wide Range of In-Stock Turf and Accessories

We are dedicated to ensuring that your designs not only meet but exceed expectations, offering personalized support to seamlessly integrate our products into your projects. Partner with The Synthetic Turf Co. to elevate your architectural designs with the highest quality synthetic turf available.

Explore Premier Synthetic Turf Solutions for Your Architectural Projects

At The Synthetic Turf Co., we are committed to supporting architects and designers across Canada with the highest quality synthetic turf products, designed to enhance any project from communal outdoor spaces to innovative rooftop gardens. Our focus is on empowering your design process, providing you with the tools and resources needed to integrate sustainable, aesthetically pleasing turf solutions into your plans. Contact us to learn how our advanced turf technologies, including SmartTurf™ with Microban™, can complement your vision, ensuring your designs not only meet but surpass client expectations. Let’s partner to transform your creative ideas into reality with the industry's leading synthetic turf.

Elevating Your Projects with Our Expertise

Choosing The Synthetic Turf Co. as your partner not only connects you with a wealth of expertise in synthetic turf applications but also offers exclusive access to our premium products, competitive pricing, and rapid delivery services. We're here to elevate your architectural projects with comprehensive support and advanced resources tailored to meet the diverse needs of your designs.

Our commitment to your success includes:

  • STC Certified Products: Assurance of quality and reliability.
  • Detailed CAD Drawings: Facilitates precise planning and integration.
  • Custom Systems Design: Solutions crafted for the unique demands of each project.
  • Consultations: Available in-person and via video to suit your schedule.
  • Product Samples: Experience our quality firsthand.
  • Technical Specifications and Data Sheets: Comprehensive product information at your fingertips.
  • Insightful Case Studies: Demonstrations of our products' impact and versatility.
  • Safety Compliance: Including fall and fire ratings, plus G max and HIC testing.
  • Commitment to Quality: Backed by industry-leading warranties and quality assurance.

A Tailored Systems Approach

Understanding that no two projects are alike, we employ a systems-based strategy in synthetic turf applications, ensuring a perfect fit for every project's specific needs. Our team is ready to collaborate with you, providing personalized recommendations and designing bespoke systems that align with the unique characteristics of each site. Whether it's for sports fields, playgrounds, residential lawns, or any other application, our goal is to deliver exceptional results that surpass expectations. Let's work together to bring your visionary projects to life with the highest standard of synthetic turf solutions.

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