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There is so much more to synthetic grass than just the turf! We are here to guide you.

Artificial Turf for Safe Play

Creating a safe and comfortable play environment for children is of utmost importance, and a lawn can provide a soft and enjoyable space for kids to run and play. However, natural grass lawns can become damaged and muddy over time, leading to potential injuries and indoor messes. Fortunately, synthetic turf offers a solution that can provide a safe and clean play area that requires minimal maintenance.

Turf for Playgrounds

Benefits of Artificial Turf for Kids

At our company, we specialize in creating customized artificial turf designs for playgrounds, daycares, schools, and other children's environments throughout Calgary. Our turf products are non-toxic and safe for children, ensuring peace of mind for parents and caretakers alike. Additionally, synthetic grass provides a soft and forgiving surface for kids to play on, reducing the risk of injury if they fall.

Artifical Grass for Daycares

Our Synthetic Grass Installation Process

Our synthetic grass installation process considers the unique needs of your space and equipment, creating a safe and stable foundation that will keep your turf in place, even under heavy use. We offer a variety of turf options to create a realistic look and feel, and our team will advise you on the appropriate infill and base to create the most comfortable and stable play environment possible.

Although synthetic turf requires less maintenance than natural grass, there are still some minor upkeep tasks required to keep it looking and functioning its best. Our team can help with the ongoing maintenance of your turf system to ensure it stays in top shape.

Start Designing Your Playground or Daycare Turf

When you're ready to create a safe and enjoyable play area for the children in your care, our team is here to help. We'll handle the product selection, design, installation, and maintenance tasks for you, allowing you to focus on caring for the kids. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your play area one that the kids will love.

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