Introducing EZ-Clean Concentrated Bioenzyme Cleaner: Your Cleaning Sidekick! Synthetic turf is fairly easy to clean! Even with pets, artificial grass is low maintenance and requires minimal care. Pick up solid waste and give your turf a good rinse with the hose to wash away liquids. That being said, even with anti-microbial infills and regular cleaning, you may need a little boost to keep smells and stains at bay. That’s where EZ-Clean comes in!

Why Choose EZ-Clean?

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Magic: At EZ-Clean, we're all about making your home sparkle without harming the planet. Our bio enzyme cleaner is powered by the magic of nature. EZ-Clean is an all-natural, nontoxic cleaning product comprised of bacteria. Yes, you did read that right! It’s good bacteria that eats away all the gross stuff that may get left behind on your synthetic turf, even with your regular cleaning. These little cleaning superheroes munch away at dirt and stains, leaving behind a fresh and clean canvas.

Concentrated Power, Limitless Possibilities: Don't let the compact bottle fool you – our concentrated formula packs a punch! EZ-Clean has nearly endless applications beyond synthetic turf! It works on the real stuff too, on sports equipment, in appliances, on laundry, in vehicles, on concrete, decks, upholstery – you name it! Because EZ-Clean is a natural biological agent, it leaves nothing behind when the good bacteria eat all the nasty stuff. Furthermore, because EZ-Clean is so gentle and all natural, you can use it directly on your pet in the event of a skunk spray or if your dog has a fondness for rolling in dead things.

Messy Moments, Happy Endings: Life's full of unexpected spills and mishaps. But with EZ-Clean by your side, there's always a happy ending. The good bacteria in EZ-Clean eat away the odor producing bad bacteria, mold, mildew, and other nastiness that can be left behind from dog poo, pee, vomit, and whatever else your furry friend drags in.

No Harsh Chemicals, No Worries: Traditional cleaners often come with a warning label longer than a Shakespearean play. Not with EZ-Clean! We're proud to be free from harsh chemicals that can harm your family and furry friends. Our bio enzyme formula is tough on nasty microbes but gentle on the environment.

Join the EZ-Clean Revolution!

Thousands of happy customers can't be wrong. Join the EZ-Clean revolution and experience a new level of cleaning joy. Bid adieu to the days of endless scrubbing and say hello to a world where cleaning is fun – yes, you read that right, FUN! It’s amazing to see what EZ-Clean can tackle! Keep your synthetic turf (and other surfaces) fresh and clean with ease – EZ-Clean that is!

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