SmartTurf® with Microban®
SmartTurf® with Microban®

SmartTurf® with Microban®

SmartTurf® is the only artificial grass in the world with built-in antimicrobial Microban® technology!! SmartTurf® with Microban® is 99% cleaner and harbours 99% less odors than other artificial turf brands. Microban® prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. With Microban® infused into the grass blades, your yard stays significantly cleaner and fresher, allowing it to last longer! The antimicrobial components in Microban® prevent odor causing bacteria from growing or reproducing. On an unprotected surface, bacteria can double every 20 minutes.

Microban® products are still just as safe for your family and pets, if not safer with their drastic reduction in bacteria!

SmartTurf® Artificial Grass with Microban®: Elevated Hygiene and Durability!

Microban®'s Defense: Our collaboration with Microban® brings a new dimension of hygiene to artificial grass. Microban®'s antimicrobial technology is infused into the artificial grass fibers during manufacturing, offering continuous protection against bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause odors and stains.

Enhanced Longevity: SmartTurf® with Microban® goes beyond aesthetics. The antimicrobial protection helps prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms, prolonging the life of your artificial grass and maintaining its beauty and functionality for years to come.

Health and Well-Being: Your family's health is important to us. SmartTurf® with Microban® provides peace of mind, as its antimicrobial properties work tirelessly to create a cleaner, safer environment for your loved ones to enjoy.

Unparalleled Aesthetics: Just like our traditional artificial grass, SmartTurf® with Microban® boasts the same lush appearance and texture. It seamlessly integrates into your landscape while providing an extra layer of protection and longevity.

Environmental Responsibility: SmartTurf® remains committed to sustainability. Our artificial grass with Microban® is designed with eco-friendly materials and processes, ensuring that you're making a responsible choice for your landscape and the planet.

Experience SmartTurf® with Microban®

Discover how SmartTurf® is setting new standards in the artificial grass industry. With a strong focus on hygiene, durability, and sustainability, our artificial grass with Microban® takes landscaping to a new level. Explore our range of innovative turf products, learn about the benefits of Microban® technology, and see firsthand how SmartTurf® enhances the aesthetics, cleanliness, and longevity of your outdoor spaces. Experience the transformative power of SmartTurf® with Microban® and witness how our advanced solution elevates your landscape with unparalleled hygiene and endurance.

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